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HOPE Austauschprogramm - Eine Kollegin berichtet von Amsterdam TEIL 1

Innovative, warmly and modern – these three words describe really good, what my first impressions were when I talked to some employees and gained an insight into the structure and projects of the OLVG. It seems like the employees really like their job and are proud to be a part of the OLVG. I think the management and the executive board does their best to create such a great atmosphere.

Silvias and my second week of the HOPE programme at OLVG for example started with a friendly welcome with balloons at the main entrance of OLVG location East when they offered us cake for free, because they celebrated the day of health care. They organized a lot of other activities on this day to show their gratefulness for the admirable job, their employees daily do with patients. 

We also spend a few hours at the leerhuis and to me as a research assistant in nursing science it was nice to hear that OLVG makes an effort on pushing forward research in nursing. 

I learned a lot about collecting and using data and valued-based health care. What really surprised was the fact, that OLVG works so efficiently  together with other hospitals, is outward-looking and lays great emphasis on transparency. They are willing to share data and to improve theirselves continously.

We also got to know the new strategy of the OLVG and I can recognize many similarities to the strategy of my organisation in Austria. We also have to focus on what the patients and employees want, cooperate with others and rely on digital transformation.

I really look forward to the next two upcoming weeks here at the OLVG and have to say a big thank you to Sjoerd and Suzan as well as to all the other collegues who take their time to talk to us and enable us to get the OLVG better from day to day.

Portrait Mag.a Lisa Weidinger, MA


Mag.a Lisa Weidner, MA
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Albert Schweitzer Institut

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