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HOPE Austauschprogramm - Eine Kollegin berichtet von Amsterdam TEIL 2

Time to say goodbye…

It’s incredible, how the time flies. The fourth week of our exchange programme at OLVG is nearly over and we are so glad to made the experience of getting to know very close another health care organization.

Beneath a visit of Spaarne Gasthuis and De Buitenhof, we had a lot of revealing meetings with collegues from OLVG. I was very grateful to learn more about the cooperation between the general practioner and the health care professionals from OLVG. In comparison to Austria it seems that the general practitioner in the Netherlands is held in high esteem and the patients really trust them due to his high expertise. Deeply interesting was the opportunity of teleconsultations between the GP and other medical specialists, e.g. a dermatologist. The GP can send a photo of the wound of a patient and then gets the results or an advice by e-mail. This not only saves pains for the patients but also costs for the health care system.

In addition to that we had a meeting with the transfer nurses of OLVG, who organize the after care for the patients. According to my opinion, their work is not only extremely valuable for the patients but also for the relatives. It is important to guide the (elderly) patients through the system and to discuss the different possibilities of long term care. They ensure a good and safe start at home for both clients. We learned that it gets harder to find a place in a nursing home nearby. Unfortunately we have to face the same challenge in Austria.

Recently we had a meeting about marketing and communication-activities at OLVG. I really like the new campaign of OLVG, where nurses, doctors and different workers were involved and potential staff get a hunch of what it is like to work at OLVG.

Last but not least I would like to thank all of you for this amazing, funny and instructive time at your hospital. Wish you all the best and would be happy to stay in contact with OLVG.

Portrait Mag.a Lisa Weidinger, MA


Mag.a Lisa Weidinger, MA
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin


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